AFPA congratulates Circa on green light to sell bio-based solvent in EU

The Australian Forest Products Association welcomes the announcement from Circa Group that it has been approved to sell its non-toxic, bio-based solvent Cyrene™, in the European Union (EU). This is yet another example of excellent innovation, typical in Australia’s forest industries today, Chief Executive Officer of AFPA, Ross Hampton said today.

Cyrene™ is developed through a two-step conversion of waste biomass produced as Circa’s large-scale prototype plant, built in conjunction with pulp and paper company, Norske Skog, in Tasmania.

Developed with the University of York’s Green Chemistry Group, Cyrene™ could be a viable alternative for other harmful chemicals.

“Congratulations to Circa on this important development with their excellent product in Cyrene™,” Mr Hampton said.

“The European Union is cracking down on hazardous chemicals, to manage their risk to animals and the environment. Cyrene™ provides a safer alternative. It’s bio-based, biodegradable and supportive of Australia’s forest industries.

“Circa Group has been making excellent progress since its establishment in 2006, converting waste biomass into bio-based chemicals. By creating renewable chemicals from cellulose, Circa extracts value from non-food, waste biomass and is creating bio-based non-toxic alternatives.

“Circa’s work is a great example that shows wood fibre truly is the ultimate renewable. It’s so important that the federal government’s commitment to deliver one billion new production trees over the next decade is realised, to ensure our industries have a stable platform to build from in the years ahead,” Mr Hampton concluded.


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