Australia to host International Council of Forest and Paper Industries in 2016

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) is pleased to announce Australia has been chosen to host a series of international forest industries events in Sydney in July, 2016.

The two meetings will be held on two consecutive days. The first will be a gathering of the International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA). The ICFPA is the worldwide network of forest and paper industry associations. Representatives from across the world will travel to Sydney for the meeting. The ICFPA serves as a forum for global dialogue, coordination and cooperation among forest and paper associations, and functions as the industry’s advocate at the international level such as in global United Nations climate talks.

The second day will see the meeting of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, which will hold the 57th annual session of the Advisory Committee on Sustainable Forestbased Industries (ACSFI). The yearly ACSFI meetings provide guidance on the activities and work programme of the UN FAO Forestry Department on issues relevant to the paper and forest products industries.

AFPA CEO, Mr Ross Hampton is currently representing Australia as one of 22 international members of the ACSFI at the 2015 ACSFI and ICFPA meetings in Washington.

Mr Hampton said, “This is a great coup for Australia. In July 2016 the eyes of the world will be on our sustainable forestry and forest operations down under. The fact that Australia has been chosen to host these meetings is an acknowledgement that we are a heavy-weight in the world of forestry and forest product industries.”

“We are the third most forested nation (per capita) and are globally recognised as having world class sustainable and certified forestry and forest product operations. Analysts believe that annual fibre removal must increase three fold by 2050 to enable the world to service the housing, paper and fibre demands of a rapidly growing population which the United Nations says will hit 9 billion by 2050. Internationally many are looking to developed economies with well established sustainable harvesting operations, such as Australia, where we plant a tree for every one we harvest, to play a larger role as good environmental global citizens,” said Mr Hampton.


07.05.2015 Australia to host International Council of Forest and Paper Industries in 2016


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