we need a tree change​

Australia, we need a tree change has been organised by Australia’s forest industries to raise awareness that as a country, more timber production trees need to be planted, to allow us to meet future demand for sustainable housing and other timber products. Not only will newly planted trees guarantee sustainable timber supply, but they will also help fight climate change as they grow and store carbon.

Australia’s forest industries forecast that one billion new trees need to be planted by 2030 to ensure we have enough timber in the decades ahead.

This is not an issue that can be solved overnight – and we need action now, because it takes many years for a production tree to grow from a seedling into a fully mature tree for harvest.

Ahead of the Federal Election we are calling on all sides of politics to offer policies that will ensure forest industries can get one billion trees in the ground and growing by 2030.

Join the cause!

Join the cause and stay updated on our progress to grow one billion new trees, to build the houses of tomorrow and help fight climate change.

2022 Election tree change

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