Australia’s essential pulp, paper and packaging industry protects and delivers for the nation

Australia’s critically essential pulp, paper and packaging industry has continued to protect and deliver for Australia throughout the pandemic. The industry’s latest Sustainability Report shows how companies have risen to the COVID challenge by increasing production of essential items like tissues, hand towels and boxes, while increasing energy efficiency and driving down greenhouse emissions.


CEO of the Australian Forest Products Association Ross Hampton said time and again over the last 18 months consumer behaviour showed how critical paper products and packaging are to the everyday lives of Australians.


“As we all know, demand for toilet paper and tissue surged. Our world-class manufacturers responded and set a new record for supply to get products quickly back on the shelves.


“There’s a similar story for boxes, cartons and paper bags, with more packaging supplied in April 2020 for e-commerce than was used for the previous Christmas. Demand continued to increase throughout 2020.


“The high recovery and recycling rates for paper and cardboard means huge amounts of material are used again and again rather than going to waste. Paper and cardboard recovery is so significant, it supports the recovery of all other materials. In 2019-20 the local industry recycled 1.8 million tonnes of recovered paper, which is 54 percent of the industry’s total production.


“Sustainability is a critical attribute of the Australian paper and packaging industry, to ensure we continue to deliver for years to come. In Australia paper, cardboard and packaging are made from sustainable, renewable fibre supplies. Consumers can be assured that their purchase of Australian-made paper and packaging helps communities, the environment, and the climate.


“When it comes to safety and sustainability, there’s no better choice than Australian made tissue, paper, packaging and renewable plastic replacements.”


The 2021 National Pulp, Paper & Packaging Sustainability Report can be found on the AFPA website here.


Download the PDF


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