Australia’s forest industries must be a big part of Net Zero 2050 conversation

To assist the vital policy debate taking place this week about Australia’s climate change targets, the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has launched Storing Carbon For A Cleaner Future: A Snapshot, which clearly and succinctly explains the role forest industries are playing and can play in climate change mitigation.


AFPA CEO Ross Hampton said, “Storing Carbon For A Cleaner Future: A Snapshot explains that our native and plantation forest industries and timber and fibre processors and manufacturers are a major part of any climate change solution.


“Wood products in use in Australia each year store enough carbon to offset the emissions generated by all the cars on our roads for one year. The average timber house frame stores as much carbon as a car emits driving two-thirds the way around the world.


“Many people don’t realise that part of the solution to climate change is right there in front of them: in the trees forest industries grow, the timber frames their homes are built with and the solid hardwood timber table they are sitting at.


This is globally accepted science, provided the timber is produced through sustainable forest management in which every tree used is replaced. We are proud that this is the case with Australia’s forest industries.” 


Please see a link to Storing Carbon For A Cleaner Future: A Snapshot here.


Download the PDF


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