Blue Sky Young Researchers Innovation Awards for The Global Forest Industries Sector 2022/23


The Blue Sky Young Researchers Innovation Awards is a global competition for students and young researchers who are passionate about a range of activities relevant to forest-based science, products using forest-based raw materials, process improvements, or other innovations throughout the forest sector value chain.

The Blue Sky Young Researchers Innovation Awards are not just about research and development – they are also about showcasing the work of students and young researchers who are passionate about climate positive forestry and forest products, clean manufacturing, and the forest bioeconomy.

The Australian Forest Products Association is hosting a National Competition to send selected winners to be advanced to the International Awards. Applications close on the 27th of May. The National Competition winners will be announced at the AFPA June quarterly meetings in Brisbane, with the top entrant receiving a prize of $1000 and second place receiving $500. These winners will then proceed to the international round.

Taking place every two years and sponsored by the International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA), the Blue Sky Young Researchers Innovation Awards are presented to three worthy recipients from around the world. The three winners will have the opportunity to share their projects at the ICFPA CEO Global Roundtable in April/May 2023 (at a location to be confirmed in late 2022).


Applicants must be students or researchers who are 30 years old or younger on 1 March 2022. Applicants must be carrying out research and innovation projects relevant for forestry, forest products, and/or forest products processing technologies – with links to academia, public or private research centres, and/or corporate research and innovation departments.

2022 Theme

Building a Lower Carbon Economy with Climate Positive Forestry and Forest Products

To carry out research work that promotes innovation and decarbonization in the forest products sector either in the forest, at production facilities, along the supply chain, or via product innovation.



Applicants are invited to submit their application by 27th May 2022 containing the following documents:

  • Short CV (maximum one page)
  • Summary of the project, including:
    • 550 words; double spacing; font Calibri 12 Objectives
    • Description of the project
    • Summary of Methodology
    • Expected results
    • Why is it relevant for the forest products industries
    • What makes it innovative
    • How is it fitting with the selected theme
  • Direct and indirect links to each of the UN SDGs
  • One letter of support
  • 1 minute video presentation

Applications close 27 May 2022. Send enquires to [email protected]

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