Best defence against Myanmar’s illegal teak is to buy sustainable Australian hardwood timber

The best way Australian consumers can have peace of mind they’re not buying illegally sourced international hardwood timber is to buy product grown and replaced sustainably here at home, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Ross Hampton said today.

The ABC’s PM program last night reported that Myanmar’s ruling military is set to auction off tonnes of illegally harvested teak logs worth tens of millions of dollars. Teak is a highly regarded appearance grade timber, often used in yachting construction.

“This news out of Myanmar is a warning that we all need to be aware of where our imported timber comes from. The Myanmar teak logs have been illegally sourced from forests that almost certainly won’t be regenerated,” Mr Hampton said.

“The best way Australian consumers can ensure they’re using 100 per cent certified and sustainable hardwood timber is to buy Australian timber. No country has higher environmental standards than Australia when it comes to forestry.  Just six trees out of every 10,000 are sustainably harvested from our native forests and every tree replaced by planting or regeneration.

“Especially during the current peak in demand for timber, Australian consumers need to have their eyes open as they can be drawn to imported product that might not have been sourced sustainably.

“Buy sustainable, buy Australian and we’ll all have the peace of mind that we’re protecting the environment and supporting Aussie timber jobs,” Mr Hampton concluded.

The original media release can be read hear: 210527_Best_defence_against_Myanmars_illegal_teak_is_to_buy_sustainable_Australian_hardwood_timber___________


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