Thursday 27 May 2021 – Victoria announces snap COVID 19 lockdown

The Victorian Government has announced that as of midnight tonight the whole state will go into full lockdown in a bid to contain and manage the current COVID 19 outbreak. The government lays out that forest industry operations for the purposes of, or relating to:

  • production of firewood for heating of premises; or
  • production of pallets; or
  • production of building supplies for construction; or
  • production of other goods required for other permitted activities (e.g. paper, packaging, caskets and coffins);

Will not be affected by the lockdown. Also permitted are:

  • Port operations
  • all manufacturing
  • a business or undertaking providing essential support services to permitted agriculture, forestry and fishing activities, such as food safety and verification, inspection or associated laboratory services and biosecurity functions.

AFPA and the VFPA will be continuing to monitor the situation. If you have any enquiries or questions please contact VFPA Chief Executive Deb Kerr at [email protected] or on 0409 962 250. We will also be updating this webpage with any changes to the situation.


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