Thursday 6 August – Updated permitted work premises in Victoria

The Victorian Government has updated its list of permitted work premises which can operate in Melbourne under the level 4 restrictions

‘Permitted Work Premises’ include:

                “Forestry activity” for the purposes of or relating to:

  • Production of firewood for heating of premises
  • Production of pallets
  • Production of building supplies for construction
  • Production of other goods required for other permitted activities (e.g. caskets and coffins)

 And Any business or undertaking that is involved in providing support services to permitted agriculture, forestry and fishing activities, such as food safety and verification, inspection or associated laboratory services and biosecurity functions.

Also businesses who manufacture building supplies to support construction  and  manufacture pulp, paper and converted paper product and  road transport (passenger and freight)

The list as published is here: Updated permitted work premises in Victoria


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