Greens and Senator Muir correct on recycled copy paper procurement

The Australian Forests Products Association (AFPA) has welcomed the support of the Greens Party and Senator Ricky Muir in promoting 100% recycled copy paper purchase by the Australian Government.

The motion jointly tabled by Greens Senator, Janet Rice, and Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party Senator, Ricky Muir, noted the recent investment by Australian Paper in a new $90 million recycling plant in Maryvale in May this year, which was positioned to supply recycled paper to the Australian Government.

Under the “ICT Sustainability Plan” all office copy paper used by federal government Departments was to be mandated as produced from 100% recycled content from 1 July, 2015.

The Turnbull Government announced, through an answer to a Senate Estimates question from Labor Senator Kim Carr, that it is not proceeding with the “ICT Sustainability Plan”.

The tabled motion called ‘on the government to immediately reinstate an ongoing commitment to procuring 100% recycled paper’.
The AFPA Chief Executive Officer, Ross Hampton, said “AFPA welcomes the support from the Greens and Senator Muir in recognising the environmental benefits from recycled copy paper. This is not about specifying country of origin purchasing. It is about ensuring

Commonwealth officials have adequate criteria to consider the local environmental benefits of Australian made recycled paper and printing contracts, including reduced landfill, lower carbon emissions and the promotion of recycling supply chains”.

“This motion, carried on the voices, shows the high level of support from the Senate for mandating recycled copy paper”.

“The forest, wood and paper products industry is indeed one of the greenest industries in the country by virtue of its resource base which is renewable, recyclable and carbon friendly”.


11.11.15 Greens and Senator Muir correct on recycled copy paper procurement


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