Industry welcomes Victorian Opposition’s commitment to Australian-made paper

The peak bodies representing Australian and Victorian forest industries have warmly welcomed the Victorian Liberals and Nationals’ election commitment to use Australian-made paper wherever practical in State Government departments, from mid-2019, CEO of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Mr Ross Hampton and CEO of the Victorian Association of Forest Industries (VAFI), Mr Tim Johnston said today.

“This is an incredibly important commitment, not only because of the recognition of Victoria’s sustainable forest and paper industries, especially in the Latrobe Valley, but also because it demonstrates the value political parties are willing to place on pulp and paper manufacturing jobs,” Mr Hampton said.

“This is the sort of commitment that should be forthcoming from all State Governments and indeed the Federal Government,” Mr Hampton concluded.

“Pulp and paper manufacturing jobs are vital to the Latrobe Valley and this announcement will help secure them into the future,” Mr Johnston said.

“Victoria’s sustainable forest and paper industries are well recognised as major employers in both regional and metropolitan Victoria, and this is a simple and very practical move to secure those jobs and those industries.

“I thank the Victorian Liberals and Nationals for this announcement, and I look forward to demonstrated bipartisan support for our sustainable forest and paper industries ahead of the Victorian State Election in November,” Mr Johnston concluded.



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