Nathan Paine Appointed Foundation CEO – SAFPA

SAFPA CEO Nathan Paine.

The South Australian Forest Products Association* (SAFPA) is pleased to announce the appointment of its foundation CEO, Nathan Paine**.

Interim Chair Keith Lamb hailed the significance of this appointment in achieving the vision to have a single unified voice for the South Australian Forest Products Sector – bringing together South

Australia’s timber growers, processors, and manufacturers. As an organisation, we are starting with well over half of the industry in South Australia and we are committed to creating a body that represents the entire industry and a home for all businesses that operate in the forest and forest products industry in South Australia.

“We are excited to announce Nathan’s appointment as he brings to the role the experience and energy required to lead our organisation and represent our foundation members to the members of state parliament, whether they be government, opposition or the cross-bench, as well as the wider business community of South Australia,” Mr Lamb said.

“This year has seen the South Australian forest products sector, along with the rest of the state and the country, buffeted from the combined impact of bushfire and the COVID-19 pandemic. There has never been a more important and challenging time to bring our sector together, for the wellbeing of the members and for South Australia.”

Foundation CEO Nathan Paine said he was looking forward to representing the forestry products industry in South Australia.

“Forestry is already a core industry and employer in South Australia and will be a centrepiece to the economic revitalisation of South Australia – not just in the regions of the South East and Kangaroo Island but indeed the entire state,” Mr Paine said.

“As Governments increasingly look for opportunities to generate new jobs and opportunities in our State, the forest industries provides a pathway for new, long-term manufacturing jobs here.”

“Forestry is a long-term business and investments are generations in nature. Our members are in this for the long haul, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t short term challenges. I am proud to lead the South Australian Forest Products Association in its vision towards growth and prosperity for South Australia.” Mr Paine concluded.


South Australian Forest Products Association was formed in June 2020 to represent the forest products sector in South Australia.

The South Australia sector represents about 172,000 hectares of sustainably grown plantation forests and produces about $2.6 Billion of wood and paper products each year. The sector directly employs about 5,500 people and indirectly supports another 12,500 people across the supply-chain involving growing, harvesting, processing and wholesaling.

About Nathan Paine

Nathan has been at the forefront of Australia’s property industry for the past decade, driving debate and influencing public policy at the highest levels of state and federal government. His wealth of experience across business, politics, property, energy and tax policy and media make him one of this country’s most respected and sought-after expert, thought leader and commentator on issues affecting the economy and the community.

For the last six years, Nathan has run his own consultancy Property & Consulting Australia, where he has worked with a wide range of clients to translate and navigate the world of politics. From broad economic needs to specific requirements, Nathan has delivered on subject matter including Property Planning and Development, Energy, Water, Nuclear Waste, Defence, Transport and Infrastructure, Medical Devices and Unsolicited Bids.

For eight years, Nathan was with the Property Council of Australia – as Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for the national operations of the Property Council, and as Executive Director (South Australia). In this role, he was the chief political advocate for the property industry in South Australia, building strong networks, a high profile and enviable reputation within the sector and broader

community. Prior, he worked for the state’s peak business group – Business SA – as Chief Political Advocate and as the federal lobbyist for the Motor Traders Association of Australia in Canberra.

These experiences, added to his previous roles in government and industry associations in both state and federal jurisdictions, give Nathan an acute understanding of politics, its players, and their considerations.


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