New NT Forest industry Association will help top end operations expand

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has welcomed the formal announcement of the Forest Industry Association Northern Territory (FIANT).

FIANT represents all major forestry enterprises in the Northern Territory, which produces around $115 million worth of timber products annually, employs around 170 people directly, and manages 42,000 hectares of plantations and large areas of native forests.

The CEO of AFPA Ross Hampton said Northern Territory forestry has real growth potential.

I want to congratulate the inaugural President of FIANT Frank Miller and everyone involved in launching the association,” Mr Hampton said.

“The top end of Australia has real potential for renewable forest products industries. It is close to developing markets in Northern Australia and South east Asia, which meet a growing demand, and help indigenous communities meet the goals they want to achieve for economic development and financial independence.”

“FIANT has also set as a goal to play a major role in helping the NT economy recover from the CoVid-19 pandemic, and it is well placed to do that, as, like all sectors of the sustainable forest products supply chain around the country it is providing an essential service which did not stop.”

“AFPA is looking forward to working with their NT colleagues to help get the message out in the NT that sustainably managed forests are to be embraced.” Mr Hampton concluded.

The original medial release is here: Media Release – New NT Forest industry Association will help top end operations expand


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