New UN data says forest industries booming in era of bioeconomy


Global production of all major wood products grew for the sixth consecutive year in 2015, with increases in production volumes of up to 8 percent, according to new data published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO).

Key trends identified include:

  • a 1000% increase over 10 years in bio-pellets driven by the growing demand for bioenergy;
  • increased production of innovative panel-board products (e.g. oriented strand board) which was underpinned by surging demand for sustainable construction materials;
  • recovered paper now accounts for 55 percent of all fibre used in paper production; and
  • the Asia Pacific region’s continuing economic importance.

Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Mr Ross Hampton said, “The UN FAO has done a great job in highlighting global increases in the production and use of renewable forest products in response to the emerging bioeconomy.”

“Many other countries remain ahead of Australia by incentivising their businesses to transition from fossil fuels to renewable biomass (e.g. from forestry and forest product processing residues or other sources); by recognising carbon storage in trees, wood and paper products; and by supporting the development of new bioproducts. Australia could achieve ambitious emissions reduction targets and significant new investment by recognising forestry sector carbon credits and supporting the use of renewable forest products, including bioproducts,” said Mr Hampton.

10.01.2017 UN Report on World Wood Products final


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