Time to celebrate pulp and paper re-use this Global Recycling Day

Today, Global Recycling Day is an opportunity to recognise the great work Australia’s sustainable pulp and paper industries do recycling renewable paper and packaging products over and over again, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Victor Violante said today.


Our sustainable and local pulp and paper industries recycle more than 1.8 million tonnes of recovered paper and cardboard annually, using it to make new office paper, boxes, gift cards, tissue, paper towel and more.


“Not only is Aussie paper, tissue, and cardboard sustainably sourced and better for the environment, more than 54 percent of these products made in Australia are made with recycled content. In terms of volume and reuse, nothing else compares to the recycling of paper and cardboard. We are the model industry for a circular economy,” Victor Violante said.


“Paper can be recycled many times, and our innovative industries drive the collection, recovery and reuse of vast quantities of valuable material. Even when paper has reached the end of its useful life it can be composted, and its nutrients returned to the soil.


“Sustainably and locally sourced pulp and paper products are the ultimate renewable material. However, with demand for wood fibre forecast to quadruple by 2050, Australia needs more timber trees planted to meet future demand as Australia phases out single use plastic products and pivots to renewable products.


“This Global Recycling Day, stop and think about the great work Australia’s local pulp and paper industries make, and the tens of thousands of jobs they support,” Victor Violante concluded.


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