ABC Radio National this morning ran a one-sided story focused on Victoria’s forest industry.

Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Ross Hampton said, “ABC Radio National and flagship TV programs like Four Corners are continually proving that they are only for ‘some of us.’

“Primary industries have raised this anti-rural sector bias many times with ABC news management.

“There was great hope that new chair Ita Buttrose would be able to make the changes required but sadly this does not appear to be so.

“For example, today’s biased report on Radio National about forestry included only two interviews – both avowed opponents of native forestry – and no balancing perspective from other scientists who contest those views. AFPA, as the national peak body, was not even approached.

“The story purported to be about forestry management plans and VicForests but in fact was front ended with a general attack on forestry.

“Had Radio National requested an interview with me, I would have explained again that only 4 trees out of every 10,000 are harvested annually every year in Victoria, and every tree is replaced as the areas are regenerated and regrown by law.

“There are many fine reporters and producers working in our national broadcaster. There is however an entrenched bias against primary industries in some key program areas. I will be writing to the ABC Chair seeking a meeting in the hope of finally seeing change.”

The Radio National story is here:


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