Forest Industries Quiz!

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1) How many direct jobs do Australia’s forest industries provide?

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2) How much are Australia’s forest industries worth to the national economy annually?

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3) What percentage of Australia’s native forest estate is used annually for timber production and then regenerated by law?

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4) By how much is global demand for wood and fibre products expected to grow by 2050?

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5) If Australia doesn’t get 1 billion new forestry production trees planted by 2030, how many new timber house-frames short of demand will we be by 2050?

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6) Which of these regional centres is a major forest industries focused community?

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7) How much does local Australian industry supply of the nation’s paper and tissue products?

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8) A timber framed house stores about the same amount of carbon produced by how many cars driving on our roads for one year?

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9) How many new production trees does the government and forest industries agree are required to be planted by 2030 to secure future timber and fibre supply?

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10) To the closest million, how many hectares of forestry plantations does Australia have?

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