The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Work Health and Safety Sub-committee was established in 2013 with the primary objective of collaborating, working together and using our collective voice to positively influence health and safety policy and practice across the whole forestry sector.

This Forest Growers Safety webpage aims to be a one-stop source to provide access to safety information and resources developed by, or relevant to the forestry growers and harvesters.

This page is managed by the Forest Industry Safety Manager with support from the Growers Chamber Work Health and Safety Sub-committee (WHSS Committee).

There have been many positive initiatives conducted within the industry and part of the Forest Industry Safety Managers (FISM) role will be to gather and share these initiatives more broadly across the industry.

For any enquiries, please contact us.

WHSS Committee Strategy

With support and oversight from the FISM, the Growers Chamber WHSS Committee are able to commit to implementation of our 3 year strategy. The Strategy aims to drive initiatives and improvements to enhance workplace health and safety within the forestry sector.

Our Strategy, and annual work plans focus on:

  • Increasing WHS knowledge, engagement and awareness across the sector
  • Enhanced collaboration, transparent communication and opportunities to share knowledge and exchange information
  • Improving risk management
  • Developing industry guidance documents
  • Delivering Health, safety and wellbeing services and programs to industry

Current Projects

  • Unauthorised access to forests (AFPA)
  • Forestry and Fatigue Study (UniSA)
  • Log Haulage CoP (in collaboration with NHVR)
  • Forest Equipment Guarding, Best Practice review (AFPA)

Links & Updates

14 August 2023
Download Guide Download Pamhplet
01 April 2022
The Forest Equipment Best practice guide has been produced by the Forest Industries Research Centre (FIRC) based on an earlier...
02 March 2022
The Forest Safety Code (Tasmania) 2021 came into effect on Wednesday 2 March 2022 replacing the previous 2007 version. It...
14 September 2021
The key forest industry safety training program, Safe and Skilled, has been enhanced to deliver even more safety awareness for...
09 August 2021
The Safe Stacking of Timber Guidance Document has been produced by the Workplace Health and Safety Subcommittee (WHSS) – a...

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