All AFPA tree growing members are 100% globally certified

Australia’s forestry operations are carbon positive, and our plantations are storing 258 million tonnes of carbon

A tiny fraction of the forest (0.06%) is harvested each year and all the native forest managed by AFPA members is regenerated by law. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), sustainably harvesting and regrowing forests for timber and other fibre products, when one accounts for the carbon stored in the end products, delivers the best climate change mitigation results.

There is around 1.7 million hectares of commercial plantation forestry in Australia

The Australian Forest industry plants around 70 million plantation trees every year, covering an area equivalent to 136,000 football fields

Forest industries directly employ 80,000 people and another 100,000 indirectly. Forest industries are the major employer in many regional towns

Forest industry jobs cover a huge range of professions including: the planting and regeneration of forests, managing forests, sustainable harvest of forests and the haulage of timber and woodchips; processing into construction timber, fence posts, and sleepers timber; the manufacturing of paper, cardboard, tissue, paper towels and nappies; creation of renewable biopellets for energy, and a range of biomaterials and biochemicals

Australia has a $2 billion trade deficit in wood products

The Australian Forest industries contributes $24 billion to the economy every year

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