Who We Are

AFPA is the peak national industry body representing the resources, processing, and pulp, paper and bioproduct industries covering the forest products value chain.

AFPA represents all elements of the value chain from the sustainable harvesting of plantations and multiple use natural forest resource including forest establishment and management, harvesting and haulage, processing of timber resources and manufacture of pulp, paper and bioproducts.

AFPA’s membership falls under four chambers (Growers, Hardwood Processing, Softwood Manufacturing, and Pulp, Paper and Bioproducts) representing the core business of organisations at different points in the value chain.

From Our Chairman

I am excited about the future of our industry and the opportunities that lie before us.
We have many natural advantages as trees are a sustainable, biological resource from which we can produce a huge range of renewable forest products and environmental benefits, including the potential to develop innovative products such as biomaterials, biochemicals and bioenergy.

Many new value-added forest products can be produced if the policy settings and incentives are right, particularly through developing the significant potential from growing new plantations.

We need to make sure that we have the vision and commitment to capitalise on these opportunities.

AFPA looks forward to tackling this challenge, and is very positive about the continued future for Australia’s forest, wood and paper products industry.


Greg McCormack

Industry Snapshots

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