AFPA and Timber Queensland back Queensland Government’s pitch for timber as part of 2032 Olympic Games

Australia’s forest products sector has backed the Queensland Government’s plan for a climate positive Olympic Games in 2032, including through the use of climate friendly timber and wood products in Olympic venues and infrastructure, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Natasa Sikman said today.

“AFPA and Timber Queensland welcome the climate positive agenda put forward by the Assistant Minister to the Premier, Bart Mellish, who recognised the significant role timber products can play in achieving Olympic commitments including in places like the athletes’ village[1]. The sector supports the Queensland Government’s idea that using timber in the village will make the venue more sustainable, while also creating long lasting accommodation with a low carbon footprint. In addition to the climate positive aspects of using timber, there are also the health benefits associated with timber buildings such as reducing stress and creating happier environments for Olympic athletes to live in as well as for subsequent residents,” Natasa Sikman said.

Timber Queensland Chief Executive Officer Mick Stephens said the Government’s intentions are an excellent first step.

“This is very exciting for Queensland’s forestry and timber sector and nationally. The Palaszczuk Government has firmly recognised the value of timber in the context of creating a climate positive Olympic Games. Now the sector and the Government need to work together early with relevant Olympic planning forums to deliver the best outcomes for effective timber supply and venue design, construction and jobs,” Mick Stephens said.

“Governments everywhere should be actively looking at ways to increase the use of sustainably sourced timber and wood in new infrastructure as a way to enhance the environmental and climate credentials of new builds,” Natasa Sikman said.

“And it’s not just Queensland’s 2032 Olympics, we also recognise the opportunities the Victorian Government has to create a climate friendly Commonwealth Games in 2026 – in regional Victoria through the use of timber as well.”

“We look forward to timber and wood products being a big part of the upcoming Olympic Games in 2032, to not only drive recognition of the climate power our products bring to the table, but also their quality and versatility when competing with other types of materials,” Mick Stephens concluded.

[1] Keynote address by the Assistant Minister to the Doing Timber Business in Queensland symposium, 1 June.




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