AFPA and VFPA pay tribute to timber industry champion, Malcolm Hole

The late Malcolm Hole. Picture courtesy: The Gippsland Times

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) and Victorian Forest Products Association (VFPA) today pay tribute to forestry industry advocate, Wellington Shire councillor and all-round Gippsland community champion, Malcolm Hole, who has passed away.

Malcolm Hole was a major supporter of the local timber industry across the Gippsland, but especially in the Wellington Shire, which he represented as a councillor for more than 20 years.

“Malcolm was a huge community figure around Heyfield and a fierce timber industry advocate, involved in such projects as the National Timber Council, Timber Towns Victoria and the Timber Workers Memorial,” AFPA Chief Executive Officer, Ross Hampton said.

“Malcolm was a person who cared about the value and contribution of the local timber industry and became a courageous supporter for local workers.”

First elected to Council in 2000, Malcolm served as both mayor and deputy mayor through his council career while being involved in other organisations including APEX. He ran a local clothing store in Heyfield for more than 32 years and was also a utilities commissioner.

“Victoria’s timber industry thanks Malcolm Hole for his dedicated service as a local advocate and representative over many years. He was a proud supporter of our industry and always ready to serve for its best interests. His advocacy continued until very recently in his support of the new Gippsland Forestry Hub,” VFPA Chief Executive Officer, Deb Kerr said.

Malcom Hole will be remembered for his incredible passion for Heyfield and the surrounding district, and many will particularly miss his regular meetings with locals at the Heyfield bakery on Saturday mornings.

Vale Malcolm Hole.

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