AFPA Board confirmed ahead of critical federal election year

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has confirmed long serving chair Greg McCormack will continue in the role alongside a reaffirmed board of directors at its 2021-2022 Annual General Meeting today.

Greg McCormack said AFPA’s Board was in lockstep on the Association’s priorities to advocate for Australia’s forest industries in 2022, a critical federal election year.

“Not only are our forest industries essential to the national economy, providing vital products and employment for thousands of people, we are part of the climate change solution and it’s important the federal and state governments recognise that,” Greg McCormack said.

“AFPA will put its best foot forward ahead of the 2022 federal election to ensure all sides of federal politics recognise that our industries need to stay strong for Australia to remain strong in an uncertain world.”

AFPA confirmed Greg McCormack (Chair), Jean Yves Nouaze (Deputy Chair), Ian Telfer (Treasurer), Diana Gibbs, Jon Kleinschmidt, Stephen Dadd, James Malone, Jessica Douglas, Mark Rogers, Craig Dunn, and Steve Whiteley, as the new AFPA Board for 2022-2023.

Greg McCormack said the Association has gone from strength to strength in recent years.

“With a united voice AFPA powerfully represents the vast majority of Australia’s forest industries value chain. The work we do and the products we produce has never been as important as it has during the COVID-pandemic and a time where the world is taking action to fight climate change.

“From timber framing to feed a national building boom, to paper, cardboard and fibre products that replace single use plastics, Australia’s forest industries are delivering. AFPA will work to ensure Australia’s governments deliver for our industries moving forward.”


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