AFPA congratulates new leadership at Forestry Australia and pays tribute to outgoing stalwart Bob Gordon

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) congratulates new Forestry Australia President, Dr Michelle Freeman, new Vice President Jim Wilson and thanks retiring President Bob Gordon for his leadership over many years. 


AFPA Chief Executive Officer Joel Fitzgibbon said, “On behalf of AFPA, I congratulate Dr Freeman and Mr Wilson on their new roles leading Forestry Australia, which has been and will continue to be Australia’s premier organisation for forestry professionals. 


“I also of course thank and pay tribute to Bob Gordon who is stepping down from the Presidency. Bob has led a distinguished career in many fields, not least of which includes his service to Australia’s forestry sector. I’ve had the privilege of working with Bob over the course of the last twenty years.


Dr Michelle Freeman is a forester with a passion for native forest management with her PHD focused on savanna fire and tree dynamics in northern Australia. She has been a Board Member of the Institute of Foresters of Australia and was an Independent Council Member of the Commonwealth’s Forest Industry Advisory Council. 


Jim Wilson is a forestry professional who currently works with Forico as its Plantation Operations and Services Manager. He is also an active farm forester. 


“I look forward to working with both Michelle and Jim to meet the forestry sector’s policy challenges and opportunities, including shoring up future timber and wood fibre supply to achieve sovereign capability, having industry contribute to Australia meeting its climate goals and continually improving evidence based approaches to forest management,” Joel Fitzgibbon concluded. 




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