AFPA congratulates NFF Chair, Fiona Simson’s appointment as Director to WFO

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) congratulates National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) President Fiona Simson on her election as a Director to the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO). Fiona is a tremendous advocate for Australia’s forest products sector and especially on the benefits of integrating agroforestry on farms as part of climate smart farming principles, Acting Chief Executive Officer of AFPA Natasa Sikman said today.


“On behalf of Australia’s forest products sector I congratulate Fiona Simson on her election as a Director to the WFO representing the Oceania Constituency. Fiona has been a trailblazer in agricultural advocacy in Australia as President of the NFF and she will no doubt carry that enthusiasm and work through to the WFO. Fiona is someone who understands the need and value of farm and agroforestry for farmers, for the national interest of securing timber and wood fibre supply and for helping Australia fight climate change,” Natasa Sikman said.


“In 2022, Fiona was a key member of the AFPA-NFF delegation to COP27 in Egypt where she helped promote the global need to better understand climate smart farming and the multiple benefits growing and processing more sustainable timber and wood fibre adds to reducing carbon emission to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement in keeping 1.5 Alive. A key part of the collaboration at COP27 was partnering with the WFO at key events, promoting the importance of production trees on farms in the frame of climate smart farming. APFA and the NFF showcased the real-life example of farm forestry through the work Mark Wootton has undertaken on Jigsaw Farms and the positive outcomes his production trees have delivered, from increased biodiversity, lifting grazing production and increased shelter for stock welfare.


“Fiona’s experience, expertise, interest and now elevation as a Director of the WFO representing the Oceanic Constituency will augur well for Australia to fight climate change and secure sovereign capability by harnessing the power of our farmers through promotion of farm and agroforestry, in addition to Australia’s sustainably managed forest products sector.


“AFPA will continue its strong relationship with Fiona and the NFF, while our ties with the WFO and FAO will only strengthen through Fiona’s new role and off the back of AFPA’s Counsellor – International Affairs Ross Hampton’s work from London. We look forward to further promoting the importance of climate smart forestry on farms in the months ahead,” Natasa Sikman concluded.


ABOVE: Fiona Simson speaking and Mark Wootton at a WFO event at COP27 in 2022 focusing on the benefits of farm or agroforestry. To the left of Fiona Simon are Hsin Huang (Secretary General, International Meat Secretariat), Romano De Vivo (Vice President of Sustainability, Croplife International), Dr Betty Chinyamunyamu (CEO, National Smallholder Farmers’ Association of Malawi) and Arnold Puech D’Alissac (President, World Farmers Organisation).




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