AFPA supports AgDay

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has thrown its support behind National Agriculture Day (AgDay), to help highlight the importance of Australia’s agriculture sector, CEO of AFPA, Mr Ross Hampton, said today.

“AgDay allows us to reflect on the importance of all agriculture, which includes farm forestry, and the contribution it makes to the nation’s social fabric, the economy and export markets,” Mr Hampton said.

“AFPA is a proud member of the National Farmers Federation (NFF). We work with farmers to promote productivity enhancing farm forestry, which is the inclusion of commercial tree growing into farming systems, such as timber belts, wind breaks and contour plantings.

“Farm forestry can improve the primary business of a farm by providing shelter for stock and crops, enhancing biodiversity and can offer other environmental benefits such as salinity control. 

“Farm forestry can also now provide farmers with the ability to potentially make their land even more profitable, by gaining credits under the Emissions Reduction Fund for the carbon stored in their small-scale plantations, as well as the timber of course when they decide to harvest,” Mr Hampton concluded.

AFPA supports AgDay


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