AFPA welcomes Adam Fennessy as new DAFF Secretary, thanks retiring Metcalfe for service

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) congratulates incoming Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) Secretary, Adam Fennessy and thanks retiring Secretary Andrew Metcalfe for his service and strong engagement with the forests and forest products sector, Acting Chief Executive Officer of AFPA Natasa Sikman said today.

“On behalf of Australia’s forests and forest products sector, I welcome Adam Fennessy as new Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and look forward to working with him to ensure our sector reaches its full potential,” Natasa Sikman said.

Adam Fennessy, who has 25 years of public sector experience at the federal and state level will start as DAFF Secretary on 18 September. He brings a wealth of experience in public sector leadership and agriculture, environment and natural resources policy experience to the position.

“Now is a critical time for the forest products sector, with a range of Commonwealth initiatives being delivered. Increasing better understanding about the greater role the sector will play with respect to helping Australia reach its climate change targets is still being developed. AFPA looks forward to continuing our ongoing and positive working relationship with DAFF in making sure industry and the broader economy-wide national goals are realised,” Natasa Sikman concluded.


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