AFPA welcomes Labor’s commitment to sustainable forestry

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) welcomes Federal Labor’s continued support for sustainable native forestry at its 49th National Conference.

AFPA Acting CEO Natasa Sikman said, “AFPA and the broader forest products sector welcomes this continued supportive position detailed at Labor’s National Conference today. Australia’s native forestry industry is the most sustainable in the world and active forest management, including sustainable harvesting, is critical to maintaining the health of our forests and for fighting climate change.

“This is Labor’s endorsement of a sector that Australia and the world needs and loves. Managed native forestry plays an important role for the economy and for jobs in many regional communities. The products Australia’s native forestry creates are essential and unique, from floorboards to decking and home furnishing products to specialist packaging items.

“We also welcome Labor’s refreshed commitment to expand Australia’s plantation estate to meet the demand for sustainably sourced timber and wood products into the future. Australia desperately needs more timber tree plantings with local and international demand for timber and wood fibre growing rapidly as plastics and other less climate friendly products are phased out.

“Recognition of the skills, knowledge and competencies of timber workers along with the central role First Nations communities play in restoring country and delivering benefits from forest management activities, is also welcomed.

“AFPA will continue to work with the Albanese Government on its delivery of the $300 million, 2022 election commitments. The forest and forest products sector looks forward to playing a key role in helping Australia to meet its decarbonisation ambitions in order to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, while also providing skilled jobs and strong economic activity, and continuing to create the essential products Australians and the world need and love,” Natasa Sikman concluded.


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