AFPA welcomes new Forestry Australia identity for IFA-AFG

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) welcomes and congratulates the Institute of Foresters of Australia (IFA) – Australian Forest Growers (AFG) transition to its new name – Forestry Australia.


“AFPA has a long and productive working relationship with IFA-AFG, and we welcome the move to the new Forestry Australia name and brand, a new identity that clearly represents the scope of work conducted by its broad membership,” AFPA CEO Ross Hampton said today.


“The new Forestry Australia will be a banner under which forest industries experts and professionals, who study and cultivate Australia’s forests, will be strongly represented.


“I have no doubt the critical work undertaken by IFA-AFG, including its advocacy, professional development and development of best practice for balanced and integrated forested land use, will only become stronger under the new Forestry Australia Brand.


“This is work that is becoming more important in a country and world that requires larger volumes of sustainably sourced forest resources, at a time when our forests need to adapt to changes in the climate.


“We look forward to continuing work with the new Forestry Australia, including CEO Jacquie Martin, President Bob Gordon and Vice-President Kevin Harding,” Mr Hampton concluded.


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