AFPA welcomes passing of national waste legislation

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has welcomed the passing of the Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020, which recognises the potential for Australia’s pulp and paper industry to be a major part of the solution to our domestic waste challenge.

The Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020 is the framework legislation which stops a range of waste, including some contaminated paper and cardboard materials, from being exported from 1 July 2024.

The Chief Executive of AFPA Ross Hampton said, “We all want to end contaminated waste leaving the country, and Australians have shown they want to embrace recycling. Our industries are at the forefront of the development of a circular economy and are already working hard to put in place the right systems to help manage waste within Australia.”

“The recovery and recycling of paper and paperboard has increased significantly over the last fifteen years. This has been driven by increased recovery from both kerbside collections and commercial and industrial sources, as well as significant investments in the recycling capacity of our pulp and paper sector.”

“Further steps forward can now be taken, and we will be discussing with Government supporting investment in new recyclables sorting technology, waste to energy projects and emission avoidance credits under any carbon schemes. The passing of this Act, and the coming waste export ban provides a chance to transform even further our recycling landscape, but it will need to be a partnership between Government, industry and all Australians.”

“This is an exciting opportunity to work together to enhance recycling and build local manufacturing capacity, driving economic growth and the creation of more jobs in the wake of the social and economic impacts of COVID-19.”

“AFPA looks forward to continuing to work on implementing the export ban with Government, and ensuring the pulp and paper sector will continue to be a growing part of the waste solution,” Mr Hampton concluded.

The original media release is here: Media Release – AFPA welcomes passing of national waste legislation


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