AFPA welcomes release of Australian Forest Stewardship Council benchmark

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) welcomes the announcement of a new forest certification standard, developed specifically for Australia, to support the sustainable management of forests across the country, Chief Executive Officer of AFPA, Mr Ross Hampton said today.

“The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) national standard for Australia builds on the global FSC standard framework which has been widely recognised as a quality standard to recognise the production of forest products sourced from sustainably managed forests worldwide,” Mr Hampton said.

“The FSC national standard for Australia joins Responsible Wood’s existing Australian Standard ensuring Australia has the highest possible certification for recognising sustainable forest management practices in the world.

“Consumers are more acutely aware than ever about where products come from and how they are produced, and rightly so. Our renewable forest industries need to be at the forefront of responsible and respected certification processes to instil confidence in consumers that the products they buy are sustainably produced.

“Furthermore, the timing of this new standard is important, with the federal government’s commitment to plant one billion new production trees over the next decade.

“The launch of the FSC national standard for Australia means the environmental checks and balances for our sustainably produced forest products are the best they’ve ever been,” Mr Hampton concluded.


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