AFPA welcomes strengthened laws to fight illegal logging

Australia’s forest products sector welcomes legislation introduced into the Australian Parliament today by the Albanese Government that will strengthen Australia’s fight against illegally logged timber, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Diana Hallam said today.

The provisions of the Illegal Logging Prohibition Amendment (Strengthening Measures to Prevent Illegal Timber Trade) Bill 2024 will improve Australia’s ability to identify and act against those who undermine our legal and sustainable trade in wood and timber products.

Diana Hallam said, “Illegal timber not only undermines the environmental sustainability of the forest products industry, it also undermines our domestic biosecurity protections creating a heightened risk of potentially devastating pests and diseases that can devastate local industry.

The Bill will amend the Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2012 to:

·         Strengthen audit, compliance and enforcement of offence penalties

·         Enhance monitoring of compliance and streamline investigation powers

·         Require notice of products being brought into Australia

“This updated legislation is particularly timely. Off the back of the native forestry industry closures in Victoria and Western Australia, we have seen a considerable increase in the volume of imported hardwoods and it’s critical the proper checks, enforcement and penalties are in place if there’s any doubt as to the source,” Diana Hallam said.

“I encourage anyone suspicious about where their timber products have come from to inform authorities and if consumers are in doubt to look for Australian and certified timber. Australian timber can be trusted as sustainable, safe, pest and disease free.

“The integrity of our timber and fibre products is paramount. When grown, harvested and processed properly, these products represent the height of sustainability, but when corners are cut, it can be environmentally damaging and undermine Australian jobs. We commend these proposed strengthened laws,” Diana Hallam concluded.


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