AFPA welcomes Woolworths’ commitment to Australian made fibre products

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has welcomed Woolworth’s announcement that the company’s new line of own-brand nappies will be Australian made, choosing to directly support fibre manufacturing jobs in Australia.

According to media reports, Ontex Australia will now provide Woolworths with 185 million Australian manufactured nappies every year from their base in Eastern Creek in Sydney.

This follows on from the recent announcement that Woolworths has switched from plastic shopping bags at the check out to paper bags, with assurances that they are working to source paper bags from within Australia as soon as they can.

Chief Executive of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Ross Hampton said, “Forest fibre is used in thousands of products that are essential for everyday life, and nappies are a good example of this.”

“Sustainably sourced fibre is a renewable resource, providing multiple benefits to the economy, society and the environment.”

“We welcome Woolworth’s growing commitment to sourcing Australian made fibre products, particularly as we seek to rebuild the economy after CoVid-19 pandemic imposed shutdowns.”

“It should be unacceptable to Australians that around $5.5 billion in forest products are imported each year and we have a $2 billion trade deficit. If more Australians have the option to buy locally manufactured fibre products, we will help ensure that manufacturing jobs stay in Australia.”

“Every extra Australian paper product made in Australia means jobs are saved right along the supply chain.” Mr Hampton concluded.


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