Australian Made is critical for Australia’s sustainable forest sector

This Australian Made Week, Australia’s sustainable forest products sector recognises the importance of locally made and manufactured timber and wood fibre. Having Australian made is good for fighting climate change, Australia’s economy, our timber and fibre security, and for communities, many of which are in regional Australia and heavily rely on timber and wood processing and manufacturing, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Joel Fitzgibbon said today.


Australian Made Week runs from 15-21 May as an initiative of the Australian Made campaign which was established in 1999. Now, many Australians recognise the trademark green triangle logo featuring a gold kangaroo as a symbol of quality Australian made products.


“We are proud at AFPA to represent a sector that focuses heavily on essential Australian made and produced timber and wood fibre products, however, Australia continues to import over $2 billion annually for our timber and wood fibre needs. From timber house frames to floorboards and furniture, right across to paper and packaging products that are vital to deliver other Australian made items, our sector embodies the Australian made way,” Joel Fitzgibbon said.


“If we want to continue on and strengthen the Australian made path, governments needs to meet ongoing policy challenges and to support greater local timber and fibre manufacturing. Australia needs one billion new timber trees planted to meet growing future demand for our products. We also need better recognition of the potential our sector has to help Australia meet the nation’s emission reduction targets to achieve net zero by 2050. To fulfill this ambition and as a first step, Australia’s sustainable forest sector needs the ‘water rule’ barriers removed to provide industry with greater access to carbon markets.


“Australia’s sustainable forest products sector contributes $24 billion to the economy annually, supports some 180,000 jobs nationwide and produces some of Australia’s most essential, practical and beautiful Australian made products. We are proud to support this vital national campaign and Australian Made Week,” Joel Fitzgibbon concluded.




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