Australia’s Forest Product Industries doing their part for national resilience

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has reassured Australians that our renewable
forest products industries will continue to provide essential products to the nation during the
difficult times ahead and can do even more if supported.

The Acting CEO of AFPA Gavin Matthew said “With many now asking just how resilient and self sufficient Australia will be in the future, our renewable forest products industries and workers continue to produce a ready supply of locally-made products and services Australia needs, and with further support and investment in these industries Australia can be even more resilient and self-sufficient in the future.”

“The industry, right along its supply chain from growing trees to manufacturing renewable products, are working hard to make sure Australia has what it needs in the months ahead,” Mr Matthew said.

“These locally-made products and services include essential requirements like toilet paper, tissues, medical and sanitary products, the cardboard used for food and beverage packaging, and the wooden pallets used for distribution operations.”

“Additionally, timber is still needed for building houses and processing woody residues are an important input into many agricultural processes including livestock and crop production. There’s also the kerbside and wastepaper recycling services. None of these forest product industries have
stopped or slowed down since the crisis began and there are no plans for them to do so.”

“If all Australians are prepared to support locally-made products and services during this difficult time and beyond, then that will mean a more resilient future will be secured for all of us,” Mr Matthew concluded.


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