Federal Opposition Leader backs forest products sector

The Federal Opposition Leader, Hon Peter Dutton addressed this week’s AFPA Members Dinner in Canberra, backing in the future of the forest products supply chain as critical for the environment, jobs and economy, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Natasa Sikman said today.

“More than 120 AFPA members and industry stakeholders gathered in Canberra for the September AFPA Members Dinner, with special guest the Hon Peter Dutton. The Opposition Leader reaffirmed the Coalition’s commitment to the forest products sector,” Natasa Sikman said.

Comments attributed to the Hon Peter Dutton

“…tonight I want to pledge our continuing support and friendship to your industry, to your sector…”

“…as your industry appreciates much more than most, without forest conservation, the creation of new things with wood is absolutely constrained…”

“…the contributions our forestry sector makes to our nation are truly significant, whether its products that Australians rely on every day, timber for construction…whether it’s the jobs you create, the revenue you generate, it helps make our economy, or whether it’s your sustainable practices, which help to protect and nurture our environment…”

“The most commendable attribute of Australia’s forestry industry is your ability to balance economic and environmental imperatives and frankly I think there is a very strong argument that you do it better than any of your international counterparts, the Australian standard here is world leading…”

“On behalf of AFPA and the wider forest products sector I thank Peter Dutton for taking the time to address our Members Dinner and the Coalition’s ongoing support of our supply chain,” Natasa Sikman said.

“AFPA will continue to work with both the Albanese Government, the Coalition Opposition and crossbench politicians to ensure Australia’s forest products sector reaches its full potential, for the climate, economy and communities,” Natasa Sikman concluded.


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