Forest industries launch digital campaign to thank those on the CoVid-19 frontline


The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) is paying tribute to frontline food and health workers who have heroically cared for all of us during the  CoVid-19 pandemic, with the launch of a new digital campaign.

The Chief Executive of AFPA Ross Hampton said, “These frontline workers are truly heroes. Whilst many of us have been quarantining, they’ve been going to work every day to make sure we have food on our tables and health care when we need it. We are proud that the men and women who work in forest industries right around Australia, have also kept turning up through this time. From the forests and plantations, through to the manufacturing plants in regional centres, they have been ensuring that the essential products which have underpinned vital parts of the economy have still been there.”

“Forest industries have worked hard to ensure everyday items such as paper towels, toilet tissue, food packaging in supermarkets and the carboard boxes and wooden pallets used to store and transport fresh food have been available. They’ve done this while staying safe and following the rules on social distancing and keeping their workplace sanitised. ”

The new video produced as part of the digital campaign shows the many uses paper and wood products are put to in homes, shops and hospitals. It explains that production has not slowed down since the pandemic started. It will be distributed nationally using social media and online channels.

“As the country starts on the long road to recovery, Australians should know what’s been going on behind the scenes over the past few weeks to meet their needs. It also reminds them that this is an Australian industry working to provide essential needs from the ‘Ultimate Renewable™’, in a safe and sustainable way,” Mr Hampton concluded.

The Video can be view here;



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