Forest Industries support Convoy for Cancer

Two Canberra region timber haulage trucks participated in the ACT families’ Convoy for Cancer on Sunday, 1 February 2015.

A total of 430 trucks took part in the convoy which made its way through Canberra as a show of support and raising funds for ACT families dealing with cancer.

Cancer Support Group’s do terrific work by assisting families with the additional costs associated with cancer, aiming to reduce the level of financial stress that comes with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) sponsored the participation of two timber haulage trucks with the aid of local drivers, Roy Grant and Heath Mathie. Both trucks prominently displayed banners which read: ‘Renewable, recyclable load on board. Your Aussie Forest Industry plants 60,000,000 trees a year.’

Mr Ross Hampton, Chief Executive Officer of AFPA said “I want to thank both drivers, Heath and Roy. Normally their day job is carrying timber so it is a bonus for the industry that in the convoy for cancer they could help us carry this important message.”

“The message that forestry and forest product operations are sustainable and environmentally friendly, as well as being great for regional jobs, is one that all who work in our industries need to take every opportunity to promote.”

Mr Hampton also said “The Convoy for Cancer is a great community cause and we were happy to be able to participate in this important event”.


02.02.2015 Forest Industries support Convoy for Cancer


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