Australia’s $24 billion forest products industry welcomes the appointment of the new Secretary for Agriculture, Water and Environment Andrew Metcalfe AO and pays tribute to the outgoing Secretary Daryl Quinlivan.

CEO of the Australian Forest Products Association Ross Hampton welcomed the changes announced by the Prime Minister today and said the industry recognised the hard work and commitment that Mr Quinlivan brought to the role and his willingness to engage with the industry.

“The forest products industry employs around 80,000 Australians directly and that is why the appointment of an experienced and professional Secretary of the department is so important,” Mr Hampton said.

“We look forward to working with the new Secretary Andrew Metcalfe and recognise his previous experience as Secretary of the Department Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in 2013.

“The industry would like to thank outgoing Secretary Daryl Quinlivan for his time in the role and for his professionalism and hard work.”


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