Forestry industry most trusted on the environment

New tracking data from a longitudinal study of perceptions has revealed that the great majority of the public are most likely to believe the claims of the forestry industry over any other group.

Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) commissioned the survey by respected market researchers, Pollinate. It revealed that 65% of participants agree that the forest and wood products industry is a reliable source of information on the environment, making the industry a more reliable source than environmental groups. This confidence in the industry has continued to grow over time.

AFPA Chairman Mr Greg McCormack said, “These results show the respect the Australian public has in the science, skills and depth of knowledge the forest and wood products industry demonstrates on environmental matters.”

“The results present a significant opportunity for the forest industry to work collaboratively with environmental groups to harness our respective knowledge-base and combined public trust to refresh the narrative around the benefits of forest, wood and paper products. A rapidly growing world population is demanding increasing resources. In a carbon constrained global economy it only makes sense to deliver those resources from the most sustainable and renewable sectors. This is something we should all be able to agree on.”

Mr McCormack was speaking at the combined FWPA/AFPA Parliamentary Friends of Forestry and Forest Products dinner held in Parliament House on Wednesday night.










Full survey results available here. The trustworthiness result is on page 32.


12.11.2015 Forestry industry most trusted on the environment


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