Forestry putting the ‘net’ back into net zero emissions

The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) joins the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) in welcoming this week’s Net Zero Australia analysis which recognises how forestry and agriculture can help Australia fight climate change, Chief Executive Officer of AFPA Joel Fitzgibbon said today.


“Reducing emissions is a critical pathway to meeting our greenhouse gas reduction targets but so too is greater emissions capture, both natural and technology based. Australia’s forest products sector can make a major contribution via carbon sequestration through tree growing and the downstream creation of sustainable and renewable products,” Joel Fitzgibbon said.


The Net Zero Australia report highlights the important role our production forests and the land sector more generally will play in the carbon sequestration effort, including a focus on afforestation.


“I firmly believe we need to harness the power of forestry, timber and wood fibre to help Australia meet our net zero targets. Not only will utilising the forest products sector help Australia fight climate change, but it will also ensure Australia secures sovereign capability in supply to create essential everyday products long into the future while providing long term and secure jobs – many located in the regions,” Joel Fitzgibbon said.


“This Net Zero Australia analysis is further evidence that political and policy decision-makers should focus on getting more timber trees in the ground to meet our emission reduction targets and provide broader benefits for Australia and the world,” Joel Fitzgibbon concluded.


The Net Zero Australia analysis can be found here.




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