Government supports co-op initiative for small timber growers


The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has welcomed the Australian Government’s decision to provide funding for two farm forestry cooperatives that will assist small-scale timber growers to collaboratively promote, process and sell their sustainably grown wood products.

AFPA CEO Ross Hampton said the initial $200,000 Federal grant would help small timber growers to work together to achieve greater economies of scale, share best practice information and deliver competitive pricing for their products.

“This decision will allow small timber growers to band together as a supportive network to market their wood products, as opposed to marketing their wood as individual growers,’’ Mr Hampton said.

“The grant is being provided to the Subtropical Farm Forestry Association and Specialty Timber Growers Incorporated, allowing the two groups to assist their members to better promote their products and use research to establish best practice in timber production and processing.”

‘’AFPA has long advocated that timber growing and harvesting should be an activity recognised as part of the Australian Government’s $13.8 million Farm Co-operatives and Collaboration Pilot Program initiative to provide farmers with knowledge and materials to develop cooperatives and implement more innovative business models.”

‘’Programs like these are essential to provide timber growers with the skills and resources to take greater control of their supply chain, share best practice information and achieve economies of scale when it comes to producing and negotiating prices for their goods.”

050917 Media Release – Government supports co-op initiative for small timber growers


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