Historic Trans-Tasman timber industries meeting


Historic Trans-Tasman timber industries meeting

Key leaders of the Australian and New Zealand forestry and forest product industries came together for a Trans–Tasman dialogue in Canberra today.

Representing Australia were members of the Australian Forest Products Association Board, led by Chair Mr Greg McCormack.

The New Zealand delegation was led by the Chair of New Zealand Wood Council, Mr Brian Stanley.

The twenty strong New Zealand delegation consisted of leaders from the New Zealand Wood Council, Forest Owners Association, Farm Forestry Association, Forest Industry Contractors Association and the Wood Processors and Manufacturers Association.

Mr McCormack said: “Australia and New Zealand share many common objectives, shareholders and even species of trees. There is much we can learn from each other. In both countries our industries represent a very large part of the economy and also unrealised potential. There are policy changes which need to take place to unlock our full potential.”

Mr Stanley said: “It’s an opportune time to be sharing experiences.  We have an election imminent and a recognition by all political parties that forestry needs greater encouragement so that it can deliver more economic and environmental benefits.  The joint statement today by Australian Ministers shows there is also recognition on this side of the Tasman of the multiple benefits from growing this asset.  Working collaboratively across industries to facilitate this is a no-brainer. “

2017.09.12 – AFPA Media Release – Historic Trans-Tasman timber industries meeting



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