Inaugural National Forestry Day celebrated today 30 August

Australia’s forest industries help fight climate change, create essential, renewable products and underpin many regional communities

Today, August 30th, 2022, is Australia’s National Forestry Day – a day to celebrate all the great work done by Australia’s forest industries. From growing trees that absorb carbon and making sustainable and renewable products, all while creating new jobs and underpinning communities, the contribution of Australia’s forest industries should be celebrated, Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Chief Executive Officer Ross Hampton said today.

Forest industries are responsible for:

  • $24 billion of national economic contribution annually
  • 80,000 direct local jobs and another 100,000 indirect jobs
  • Planting more than 70 million new trees every year that absorb carbon, helping fight climate change
  • Supplying essential and renewable products, from house-frames and structural timber to furniture and floorboards and paper and cardboard

Ross Hampton said, “Our homes and offices are full of forest products. From the house-frame in the walls and roof, to the timber floors and benchtops, right through to paper in the printer and toilet paper in the bathroom, we cannot live without forestry.

“Australia’s forest industries are also helping fight climate change, with trees absorbing carbon as they grow and locking it up in the products that are made.

“This National Forestry Day let’s celebrate all that’s good about Australian forestry and be proud of the environmental, economic and social contribution they make nationwide,” Ross Hampton concluded.




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