Industry welcomes NT Opposition commitment for forest industry Hub






The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) has joined the Forest Industry Association Northern Territory (FIANT) in welcoming the Country Liberal Party’s (CLP) election commitment to support the creation of a Regional Forest Industry Hub in the Territory.

The CLP has announced today that if elected it will support the creation of a Hub and will provide $100,000 to promote the industry and its research and development work.

AFPA Chief Executive Ross Hampton said, “The Morrison/McCormack Government has made an enormously positive contribution to the future of forest industries in Australia by announcing and providing funding for 10 Regional Forest Industry Hubs in key forest industry locations.”

“There is great merit in the decision by the CLP to recognise the large role which forest industries play in the north of the Top End. AFPA will continue to encourage the Federal Government to also recognise this area for both its current and future forest industry potential, by declaring it a Federal Regional Forestry Industry Hub.”

The Chairman of FIANT Frank Miller said the announcement is a welcome one.

“It is great to see the CLP show they are prepared to support an industry which currently produces around $115 million worth of timber products annually, and has major potential for further expansion,” Mr Miller said.

“While Hubs are a federal initiative, political support from a Northern Territory Government would mean it is a step closer to being a reality. On top of that the CLP’s $100,000 financial commitment for promotion and research will help get the word out to here and everywhere that forestry has a big future here,” Mr Miller concluded.

The original media release is here: Media Release – Industry welcomes NT Opposition commitment for forest industry Hub


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