International Day of the Forests should serve as reminder for all Parties to support growth of ‘right trees at the right scale in right places’

Today is the International Day of the Forests, a time to celebrate the great economic, social and environmental work of Australia’s forest industries and an opportunity to remind all political parties, that more trees need to be planted to ensure a strong forest industries sector into the future, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Mr Ross Hampton said today.

This year’s International Day of the Forests theme is Forests and Education – Learn to Love Forests. It underscores the importance of education in achieving sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation.
“This year’s theme should also remind the Federal Government of the urgent need to progress its commitment to planting one billion new production trees in Australia over the next decade,” Mr Hampton said.

“Regional Forestry Hubs have also been announced by the Federal Government, but proper resourcing for them hasn’t. The abolition of artificial barriers preventing forestry operations from meaningful participation in the Carbon Farming Initiative, has been talked about, but no commitments have yet been forthcoming. Clearly this election will bring a great deal of focus to these issues.

“Today is a day to celebrate the great things about our forest industries, but to allow them to grow and prosper into the future, they need the right policy settings from all sides of politics,” Mr Hampton concluded.


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