Manage forests and protect biodiversity on International Day of Forests 2020

For our renewable forest industries, this year’s theme for International Day of Forests, Forests
and Biodiversity, is timely as it reminds all Australians after the catastrophic bushfires of the
importance of regeneration and multiple-use management of our renewable forests.

The Chief Executive of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Ross Hampton said now that
task is even more important.

“International Day of Forests is a reminder of just how important our environment and multiple use
forestry is to manage for the future,” Mr Hampton said.

“Our renewable forest industries have embraced internationally recognised independent certification
schemes (such as FSC and PEFC/Responsible Wood) which ensure the highest standards for biodiversity
and environmental management while still sustainably producing timber products (the ‘Ultimate
Renewable’) that everyone loves.”

“International Day of Forests is a time to celebrate the great economic, social and environmental
outcomes produced by our renewable forest industries. We pride ourselves on managing our forests
for multiple-use outcomes including biodiversity improvements.”

“We are currently facing a significant recovery and regeneration task in fire impacted areas, so
it’s important we do it quickly and well. It’s a challenge we’re prepared to embrace but we can’t
do this alone. All levels of government need to play a role, including the current Bushfire Royal
Commission looking at fuel reduction strategies across the whole landscape.”

“On top of the bushfire recovery the industry, just like all parts of society, is dealing with the
impact of Covid-19. It means we have to ensure those working in our industry, in any capacity are
safe and well, and stay that way as they help with forest recovery operations. To that end the
industry will take every measure possible to ensure they are safe from the virus wherever they

“Today is a day to celebrate the great renewable things that Australia’s forests provide to
everyone. Our renewable forest industries kno this and will play their part in ensuring forests
have a future for everyone,” Mr Hampton concluded.

The original media release can be found here: MEDIA RELEASE – Manage forests and protect biodiversity on International Day of Forests 2020


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