In an apparently coordinated strategy to apply pressure on Labor leader Bill Shorten, the Wilderness Society and the Australian Institute have today both released misleading information regarding the plan to reinstate forestry harvesting and processing offcuts in the Renewable Energy Target (RET).

These offcuts and residues were cut out of the RET by the Greens when in alliance with the ALP in the last term of Government.

Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Chief Executive Officer Mr Ross Hampton said, “It is very disappointing that some are retreating to the half-truths of this debate. Biomass is recognised as a renewable fuel source all over the world. Labor is traditionally on the side of rural and regional workers. This is a test of whether Labor under Bill Shorten is choosing to back bush jobs or a misleading scare campaign”.

“Mr Shorten did well this morning on the Fran Kelly programme on Radio National by refusing to rule out including wood waste in the RET.”


15.05.2015 120,000 Aussie forest workers urge Labor to rise above biomass scare campaign