New Forests CEO Dr David Brand to speak at National Forest Industries Symposium, discussing links between climate policy and a strong production forest industry

“The Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) is excited to have New Forests CEO Dr David Brand present as one of the key speakers at the National Forest Industries Symposium, a virtual event to be held on Wednesday, September 1,” AFPA CEO Ross Hampton said today.

Dr Brand leads New Forests, one of Australia’s leading forestry investment management companies. His presentation will offer insights into how robust Australian climate change policy can strengthen the country’s sustainable plantation forest sector and support reforestation, while contributing to the emergence of the circular bioeconomy and regional employment.

“I’m thrilled to have David present at the National Forest Industries Symposium. New Forests really is at the cutting edge of all of these issues,” Mr Hampton said.

In his presentation, David Brand will cover Australia’s plantation forestry sector in the international context, the importance of climate change as both a risk and opportunity for investors, how the sector is transforming to accommodate climate imperatives, options for further government policy support, and how carbon pricing shifts the economics of the forestry sector.

Importantly, David will also discuss how partnerships with rural landowners can offer mutual benefits and support a transition to climate-positive land use. David Brand joins several other key presenters for the Symposium, including keynote speaker – Federal Assistant Minister for Forestry – Senator Jonno Duniam.

Other presenters include:

  • Lead biomaterials scientist for Volvo – Sandra Tostar.
  • Forestry Products Association of Canada CEO – Derek Nighbor.
  • Head of climate diplomacy at Australia’s British High Commission – Akhil Abraham.
  • Managing Director of Forest and Wood Products Australia – Ric Sinclair.
  • Master Builders Australia CEO – Denita Wawn.

The National Forest Industries Symposium is organised by AFPA. Tickets can be purchased here.



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