‘Safe and Skilled’ made more accessible to forestry workers

The key forest industry safety training program, Safe and Skilled, has been enhanced to deliver even more safety awareness for employees across workplaces.

The changes come after the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) Growers Chamber ratified a suite of program improvements designed to ensure employees are correctly trained on safety.


“With the assistance of skills development organisation, ForestWorks, Safe and Skilled now has an additional list of approved predecessor units which means that prior training will receive the recognition that it deserves,” General Manager of the Australian Forest Contractors Association (AFCA) Stacey Gardiner said.

“Furthermore, the program will now annually review and revise units to ensure that they are current, and their prior status is recognised.”


General Manager of ForestWorks, Yvette Nash said one of the biggest changes is that employees who have completed training at the higher level in implementing safety, health and environment policies and procedures (FWPCOR3201) will no longer need to have completed units at the lower level in following policies and procedures for environmental care (FWPCOR2203) and for health and safety (FWPCOR2205).


“This will make it more convenient to obtain the right qualifications in a timely manner. ForestWorks will provide an updated list on its website for industry to use a resource as required,” Ms Nash said.


AFPA Chief Executive Officer Ross Hampton said the AFPA Growers Chamber unanimously agreed on a suite of improvements to the program which will make it easier for industry to ensure their employees have the correct safety training. Another key change is the extension of the deadline for the Safe and Skilled program to the 31 December 2021.


“Australia’s forest industries are striving to deliver world best practice in ensuring employees awareness and safety, and the program will continue to be refined as required,” Mr Hampton said.


Safe and Skilled was a program launched in September 2018 that committed members of AFPA and AFCA to ensure that their forest workers hold a statement of attainment in approved and nationally recognised units of competency, relevant for forest operations. Attached is the list of predecessor units.


Download the PDF: Safe Skilled

Download the PDF: Safe_and_Skilled_Charter

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